Film Friday// My Favourite Christmas Films 🎅🏻

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Christmas is the best for films. As someone who 1] loves animations, and 2] loves cheesy stuff that makes me feel good, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for me and film. I’ve also been alive for nearly 20 years, which means I know the best Christmas films, not the ones you ‘have to watch because they’re classics blargh blargh blargh’.

So here is this list.

1] Literally any A Christmas Carol adaptation you can find

One of my only exceptions to recommending old classics is the 1970 Scrooge with Albert Finney, because I love musicals and also how sarcastic ‘Thank you very much’ is. There’s the 2000 A Christmas Carol with Ross Kemp as loan shark Eddie Scrooge that my mum loves; the 2009 animation with Jim Carrey; and Scrooged, another modern adaptation, this time with Bill Murray.

2] The Polar Express [2004]

I would die for Tom Hanks, who plays 90% of the cast for this film. Our unnamed cynical main boy finds himself on the Polar Express, a train heading to the North Pole, on Christmas Eve to watch Santa kick off on his night of delivering presents. This film is so heartwarming and is one of the two Christmas films I watch year in, year out. I’ve watched it every Christmas since I was 14, so I highly recommend it for some easy watching.

3] Love, Actually [2003]

My second ‘I watch this every year’ Christmas film, this time because it’s one of my mum’s favourites as well, so we bond watching it together. This is an anthology Christmas film following different people and couples in the month leading up to Christmas.

My favourites: Hugh Grant as the prime minister falling in love with Martine McCutcheon; Emma Thompson, who is worried her partner, Alan Rickman, is cheating on her; and Liam Neeson as the recently widowed step-dad to Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who is struggling to support his step-son through the loss of his mum. Looking at it, this film actually has a lot of sad story lines, but it’s well worth the watch because it does end happily for most.

4] How the Grinch Stole Christmas [2000]

The Grinch is an icon. He’s green, he’s isolated, was the ugliest baby in the world, and I love him. Young Cindy Lou Who of Whoville decides she wants to become besties with the Grinch at Christmas, not realising the Grinch is planning on ruining Christmas for all of Whoville after they bullied him out of the city years before.

5] The Santa Clause/The Santa Clause 2

My sister thinks the third one is the best, so by default I’m going against what she would want and not including it on this list. Divorced dad Tim Allen accidentally kills Santa while looking after his son on Christmas Eve, and then discovers he has to take Santa’s place by the following Christmas. The second film is my favourite because it’s about mushy romance stuff, but this whole series of films is great fun, despite my pettiness.

So those are my top 5 recommendations! However, I have some honorary mentions:

  • For any horror fans, I would recommend Krampus [2015], Gremlins [hehehe], and Black Christmas [1974]
  • The Home Alone duology and Die Hard if you prefer a bit more action in your Christmas films
  • Arthur Christmas [TINSELITIS], Rise of the Guardians [even though it’s set during Easter] and Mickey’s Once/Twice Upon a Christmas [for my roommate, who loves those films] if you’re watching with any kids


And those are my recommendations! I’d love to know what your favourite Christmas films are, and happy holidays to everyone!

Thank you for reading!


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