Film Friday // My Favourite Disaster Movies

Film Friday is a monthly series where I talk about all things film. This month is Disaster/Cryptid movies! Other posts in this series: The Goonies, Coming of Age, Horror Movies, Christmas Movies!

Seeing as my most anticipated movie for 2019 is Godzilla: King of the Monsters, I thought I would kick off the new year with a list of my favourite disaster/cryptid movies. Nothing says ‘happy new year’ like the world being destroyed!



Godzilla [1998] dir. Roland Emmerich

Apparently this film has a 16% on Rotten Tomatoes, which… makes sense.

This specific Godzilla film follows Matthew Broderick as a scientist who travels to New York City when Godzilla attacks to… try and stop it? His motivations and hoped end game are very confusing, but if you want an easy disaster film to enjoy, go for this one! There’s this one French dude I love in this, you’ll know who I mean if you watch it.




Pacific Rim [2013] dir. Guillermo del Toro

If you don’t love this film, you’re either lying to yourself or don’t know how to have fun. Kaijus begin appearing out of the ocean and wreaking havoc, forcing man to create giant mechs to destroy the giant aliens.

It’s a great film- one of my favourites of the sci-fi genre. Charlie Day and Burn Gorman are standout characters to me, but everyone is pretty incredible





Twister [1996] dir. Jan de Bont

I love this film. It’s the only reason I watched The Shining, and I feel no shame saying that.

University professor Dr Jo Harding and a group of her students come together to track tornadoes during one of the most powerful storms in decades, all the while reconciling with her estranged husband. It has everything: car chases, disastrous weather activity, theft, and romance! What’s more to love?





San Andreas [2015] dir. Brad Peyton

This film is trashy and unrealistic and I really enjoyed it!

Dwayne Johnson attempts to save his wife and daughter when the entirety of San Andreas begins collapsing in on itself. I suppose the romances are cute, if you want a bit more than just disaster, but really, you’re here for Dwayne Johnson flying a helicopter and speedboats and carrying people to safety.





The Day After Tomorrow [2004] dir. Roland Emmerich

No joke, that bit where that woman gets her leg trapped and starts to bleed as all the water approaches? Gave me NIGHTMARES as a kid.

After the UN ignores an environmental expert when he warns them about superstorm, most of the world [America, really] is devastated by that very same superstorm. I enjoy this a lot more now I’m older, but I’ll never be over that car scene, or the wolves.



268x0w (1)


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs [2009] dir. Phil Lord, Chris Miller

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of weather-disaster films specifically.

Young inventor Flint Lockwood creates a machine that converts rain into food in order to save his dying town, who have been stuck eating only sardines for 20 years. It’s surprisingly deep for an animated film where a guy wears a nappy for the entire duration, and has a really decent sequel as well!




Independence Day [1996] dir. Roland Emmerich

Roland, you’re on a….. ROL. L.

Independence Day is about an alien invasion that destroys America. Typical America, really. Jeff Goldblum kind of steals this whole film for me, but if you somehow haven’t watched this, this is the film that got me into aliens and conspiracy theories! I’d probably be that one woman who’s among the first to die because she tries to make peaceful contact on the roof at the start.


And those are the films! Special additions I chose not to include: King Kong, but specifically the Jack Black version; Wizard of Oz as a joke; Geostorm, which was shit, but watchable.

Any recommendations for disaster films? I chose not to include apocalyptic/general dystopians because I have another post planned for those, but I would love to hear any recommendations you have.

Thank you for reading!

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