Top Ten Tuesday: Books Under 2000 Ratings

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For this prompt, it was surprising to see what I’ve rated such high stars and see them with under 2000 ratings! I’m so glad this is a prompt because I feel it’ll help so many underrated books be talked about.

Quite a few were actually single issues of comics, so I sort of had to weed through those to get to actual books, collections and longer comics not part of a series!

  • Jinx by Abigail Parry [10 ratings]

Jinx is a poetry collection that has some of the most incredible use of language I’ve ever seen. Abigail Parry demonstrates a control over poetry that blew me away, with non-stop references to deconstruct and analyse, and every single poem feels so well thought out and significant. Highly, highly recommend!


  • Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Under the Spell by S.M. Vidaurri [25 ratings]

This comic- and every other Labyrinth inspired comic I’ve read since- are just so wholesome and fun. This features three stories: one, how Didymus was assigned his job guarding the bog of eternal stench; how Hoggle received his job role; and a small story at the end about a goblin librarian. I ADORE the Coronation comic as well, so I highly recommend all of them!


  • UFOlogy by James Tynion IV [156 ratings]

I love UFOlogy! It’s a comic centred around a girl who is marked by an alien after a weird happening in an abandoned house, and ends up teaming up with a boy [whose dad runs a conspiracy theory radio show] in order to find out what’s really going on. The art for the main two is quite similar but once you learn to differentiate, it’s pretty great and, while the ending is confusing, I really enjoyed it.


  • Howling at the Moon by Darshana Suresh [176 ratings]

If you’ve read my poetry recommendations post, you’ll know this is my all-time favourite poetry collection. Darshana Suresh’s writing is beautiful and always feels so personal.


  • Investigating Lois Lane by Tim Hanley [190 ratings]

This is one of the only non-fiction books I read in 2018. It’s a historical account of Lois Lane and how she’s been portrayed, from the early Superman comics all the way through to Amy Adams’s performance of her! Lois Lane is one of my favourite DC characters, so seeing how her role has changed depending on era and the people writing her character was fascinating.


  • Bite by K.S. Merbeth [275 ratings]

I know for a fact I’ve talked about this before. Bite is a dystopian set in a Mad Max-esque wasteland, featuring a lot of cannibalism, torture and…. found families? All of these getting fewer ratings makes me sad, but this only having 275 was shocking to me. I think it’s such a great take on the genre!


  • The Gloaming by Kirsty Logan [512 ratings]

I have a review of this up on here. The Gloaming is about a lot of things, really: troubled family lives; understanding and dealing with grief and loss of loved ones; wanting freedom but never being able to fully leave your life behind; and it has a beautiful relationship between two women at its core!


  • Starting From Here by Lisa Jenn Bigelow [1350 ratings]

I have a very ranty and angry review of this one, but rest assured, I really enjoyed it! It’s about grief and gals being gay, the f/f romance at the centre is ADORABLE, and there’s a dog! It ends happily, which I loved, and was the perfect read to get me back into reading after my first year exams.


  • Tattoo Atlas by Tim Floreen [690]

This is another one that shocked me. Only 690 ratings! Tattoo Atlas follows a boy called Rem, whose classmate Franklin committed a crime that traumatised him and their other classmates. When Rem’s mother uses Franklin as a test subject to see if ‘evil’ can really be controlled, Rem is surprised to find Franklin changed… but has he? This is a dope contemporary sci-fi, and if you like Shaun David Hutchinson’s work, I reckon you will like Tim Floreen!


  • Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World by Janet E Cameron[487 ratings]

[Another pick, another review]. This is an LGBT+ coming-of-age novel centred following the main character’s struggle with his sexuality, from high school all the way through to college. I read this in 2016 and it was one of my favourites, so 3 years on, I definitely think I’m due a re-read!


And those are my top choices under 2000 ratings! What books were on your lists? Any surprises?

Thank you for reading!


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