Music Monday: Songs I’ve Listened To Lately

This is part of my Music Monday series on my blog! Other posts: studying and reading, playlist book tag, songs that remind me of witches, favourite Christmas songs, favourite The 1975 songs!


After taking a month break from Music Monday, I thought there was no better way to come back than by talking about some of the songs I’ve been listening to lately.

JSYK, all of these songs are in my Spotify playlist ‘2019’ that is literally just all my favourite songs of the year, whether they be new releases, a few years old, or from decades ago.


The 1975

I’m always on my bullshit for this band. Sincerity is Scary is probably the song I’m settling on as my favourite, seeing as I still listen to it again… and again… and again, whenever I play it once. I just can’t help myself. I’ve also been listening to Medicine a lot recently, seeing as it’s the song that got me back into the band; the perfect depressing/romantic song? Maybe so.



Third Eye by Florence and the Machine

I was suuuuuper into this song May of last year, and I have started listening to it again. It’s got such a great witchy vibe, I play it every time I’m cooking for some reason [completely unrelated to the witchy vibe, though]. Florence songs generally have a strange vibe.

And speaking of strange vibes…


Almost [Sweet Music] by Hozier!

To say I’m excited for Hozier’s new album is an understatement. I love this song so, so much, it has some of my favourite lines of any of his music- I laugh like me again, she laughs like you- and it’s just got the best vibe!



RAMES are an up-and-coming London band that I looooove. They’ve released two demo songs so far, and I know on good authority this Summer is going to be big for music from them, so I’m buzzing!


Make a Beast of Myself by Twin Atlantic

I used to go HARD for this song back in the day, and for some reason I decided to listen to it for the first time in years recently and then made a whole music playlist inspired by music I listened to growing up. Yes. I really procrastinate that much at uni.


Our Song by Taylor Swift

I can’t really explain this one, to be honest. It’s just really good? And Taylor is great?


And I’ll give a shout out to my favourite music playlist at the moment: At the back of my old house, made by The 1975 frontman Matty Healy! This playlist has so many songs I listened to from like the ages of 13 to 16 during my GCSE exams.


And those are some of my recent favourite songs! What have you been listening to lately? Would love some song recommendations!

Thank you for reading!

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