Film [Review] Friday: The Village, Stardust, 13 Going on 30, Holes

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I thought I would spice this series up a bit and do a BIG post talking about some of the films I’ve watched recently. It’s a bit of a wild mix, I jump between genres a lot, so I’m hoping there’s sotmething for everyone here!


The Village [2004] dir. M. Night Shyamalan

In The Village, a small village is tormented by creatures that live in the forest surrounding them and only emerge for sacrifices.

While this film isn’t really a masterpiece, I still really love it, especially the nostalgia it brings since I first watched this with my parents when I was about nine.

This is really intense. It’s got a great isolated setting, really amplifying the danger these characters are in, but also the community and how close knit it is. I love the design of the creatures and the twists and turns of this film.

What I really love, as is typical of me, are the characters. Lucius and Ivy are actually adorable together, I spent the whole film rooting for them and quelling down how attracted I am to them both. Joaquin Phoenix and Bryce Dallas Howard are such great actors, and I really do think Howard does amazing for what is essentially her breakout role.


Stardust [2007] dir. Matthew Vaughn

After a star falls to Earth, a boy crosses over a Wall separating two worlds in order to claim the star. At the same time, princes are attempting to recover a necklace that will enable one of them to become King; sky pirates are collecting lightning to sell; and a witch is looking for the star to carve out her heart.

I love Stardust! I’ve watched it at least once a year since its initial release, read the book [don’t rate it as high, don’t hate me!], everything.

The whole atmosphere is incredible. There’s something very 19th century about the village Tristan is from, and when he crosses the Wall, the whole old-fantasy vibe of it is so clear. It really reminds me of InkHeart, in a couple of ways, so if you like that story, I highly recommend this! The fantastical elements are just incredible and I feel like I know this world so well.

The characters are also amazing.  Even the witch is amazing as a character, despite being awful. There are so many twists, Robert de Niro is in his element, Charlie Cox and Claire Danes kill it- so many things I love and adore. The romance that develops is adorable, it warms my heart every time I get to the final five minutes of the film. Take That did a GREAT song for the soundtrack. It’s great!

Please watch this film!


13 Going on 30 [2004] dir. Gary Winick

On her 13th birthday, teenage girl Jenna closes her eyes after being humiliated by the ‘popular’ kids at her school… and opens them to find herself aged 30, working her dream job and somewhat happy.

I love! This! Film! Jennifer Garner is one of the queens of fluffy romcoms, I adore her. I will disclose this was my first time watching this film, and I’m kind of glad I saved it? So many people have associated nostalgia that means they don’t love this film upon rewatching, but I had no other interaction with this.

I’ll come out and say it: I watched this for Mark Ruffalo, and I was not disappointed. His whole role is so great, seeing him come back together with Jenna as adults after drifting apart growing up. I love the ‘best friends falling in love’ trope, and it was so wholesome. There’s loads about growing up too fast, cheating, losing sight of yourself- and just in general about taking life for granted. Jennifer Garner perfectly captures what a 13 year old would be like in a 30 year olds body, very much like Tom Hanks in Big, if not better than him.

That’s right. I said that.

If you want a wholesome romcom, watch this! Jenna loves her job, loves Matt, and is so cute.


Holes [2003] dir. Andrew Davis

Holes follows a boy who, facing jail, instead chooses to go to Camp Green Lake. There, him- and many other boys- are forced to dig holes all day in the desert, looking for a buried treasure.

This film is Art. If you disagree, leave. Every single plot point is wrapped up and addressed: not a single thread is left open and floundering at the film’s end, and I swear, I’ve never watched a film more perfect plot wise. Every single scene is necessary, including flashbacks, and all characters are purposeful for carrying on the plot.

The characters are so great. While the boys are initially very hostile towards Stanley- a newbie, who causes his fair share of grief and grows so much as a character- they all take care of each other and create a weird little family. Stanley teaches Zero to read and it’s so cute! The villainous characters are so great, too. Also, this story has Kate Barlow and Sam- which- god. The commentary this film makes on family history, racism, everything, it’s all so incredible. What a wonderful film.

And those are the films I’ve watched recently! What have you watched lately?

Thank you for reading!




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