Graphic Recommendations #2: PANELATHON

Panelathon is a read-a-thon created by Natalie at Pagesandpanels. She’s co-hosting with two others, Jesse and Shae, over on YouTube and Twitter! This is a comic-graphic novel-manga based read-a-thon, the first I’ve ever seen solely dedicated to that, and is going to be a great time!

Panelathon is happening at the end of this month, from May 20th to May 27th, so I decided I would do a whole new instalment in my Graphic Recommendations series, this time Recommending reads based on the read-a-thon prompts. 

I’m not affiliated with the read-a-thon or anything, nobody approached me to do this, I just think it’s great to encourage more people to read things in the graphic format that tend to get overlooked or avoided as it’s not ~real reading~ to some people.

I won’t be covering every prompt, but this will basically cover all your grounds for the read-a-thon, giving as many ideas as possible. Also, this is going to be a mix of titles I have read, and some that I haven’t but want to read, just to give a broader range!

~Not published by the ‘Big Three’ (DC, Marvel, Image)~

~Graphic memoirs/non-fiction stories inspired by real events~

~LGBT+ characters (on the page representation!)~

~A fantastical journey~


~300+ pages~

~Historical reads~

(This is for a genre I don’t typically read from)

~Horror reads~

(One of my favourite genres)

~Contemporary reads~

(My other favourite genre) 


And those are all my recommendations. I really hope everyone gets a little something from this, I had so much fun compiling the list and sorting my own TBR. I’m such a mood reader that I won’t put my TBR here, but if anyone wants to follow along with my progress, I’ll most likely be updating on Twitter!

(Also, if you can’t make any of the covers out/want any more info, drop a comment or DM me on Twitter, I’m always about to talk comics and manga)

Thank you for reading!








8 thoughts on “Graphic Recommendations #2: PANELATHON

  1. aaaaa some of these i actually recognise and love, some I haven’t finished reading but I think I’ll have to revisit now. You make me want to join in the readathon ;-; I suddenly feel like venturing into different genres now 😀

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  2. I am such a huge fan of Graphic Novels and Manga!! It’s one of my favorite things to read! I see a lot of favorites on your list and definitely one I will need to check out! I just saw I want to Eat Your Pancreas and Giant Days and really enjoyed them both! And I definitely want to add The God’s Lie and want to read Sweet Blue Flower (I saw it was adapted to an anime as well!). If you’re looking for a horror graphic novels you might try Alan Moore’s recent release about a serial killer in 1800s? London.

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    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I think you’re talking about From Hell, right? It was on so many recommendations lists when I was making the horror one, definitely going to check it out. Sweet Blue Flowers is one that I’ve read and highly recommend, it’s adorable!


      1. Yes! From Hell is the one! I started the first episode and I just got so busy; but now that I know it’s a manga, I definitely would rather read it than watch it. I’ll have to check it out.

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