Top Ten Tuesday: Characters That Remind Me of Myself

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My favourite part of any book I read is always guaranteed to be character. Plot becomes secondary, and if I don’t like characters- if they’re badly written, two dimensional, you get the jist- I don’t enjoy the book. And let me tell you… I have come across a LOT of characters that remind me of myself.

Here are some of them! Also, this is basically just that meme of Spider Man pointing at himself. I’m only including five due to how rare it is to find a character who I really, really get. 

1) Tori Spring// Solitaire, Alice Oseman

Other than the fact that I love Pride and Prejudice, 15 year old Connie was exactly like Tori, with all the tiredness and cynicism but still wanting to find people who get you. Solitaire still stands as one of my all time favourite novels because of Tori and how much her attitude reminds me of how I used to be, especially during year 11 when I first read this.

2) Molly Peskin-Suso// The Upside of UnrequitedBecky Albertalli

Sacrificing your happiness constantly for other people, feeling too anxious to properly confront people who mess you over, and also being chubby and trying to find happiness with cute nerdy boys? ME.

3) Esther de Groot// Giant Days, John Allison

While I’m more like Susan in terms of aesthetic (hoodies, big shoes, brown hair and TIRED), Esther’s personality/university attitude fits me to a T. There’s the whole ‘drama field’ thing, which- yes, that’s 100% me, as soon as I reached University my life was nothing but drama, and her confusion at her course is basically how I am. We see a whole other side of her, though, that pushes her to cling to things already breaking down, and she changes herself so other people will like her on more than one occasion. It was only reading the book adaptation by Non Pratt that made me realise just how much like Esther I am.

4) Magnus Chase// Gods of Asgard Trilogy, Rick Riordan

Magnus wants ALL his friends and loved ones to be safe and happy, and him taking the backstep to allow his friends to take centre stage multiple times throughout the series is basically how I would be in a book. I just want them all to prosper! It’s what they deserve!

5) Gert//Runaways, Brian K Vaughan

This is like a mix of the TV show Gert and comics Gert, especially her anxiety in the show. She’s one of the first plus size characters I’ve seen in a comic series and her using abrasiveness to hide her being shy and unsure is something I really understood.

And that’s my list! Who would you choose? Have you got any crossovers with me?

Thank you for reading!

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters That Remind Me of Myself

  1. Jess @ Jessticulates

    Great list! Molly made list this week, too. I keep hearing wonderful things about Alice Oseman’s work – I’ll have to check her out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Molly from Unrequited was DEFINITELY someone I related to despite not being anywhere close to her age. I really related to her because I also have anxiety, albeit a much lighter version than what she deals with.

    Liked by 1 person

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