Update: Asking for Help!

Hi everyone!

Just a little update post here.

If you don’t follow me on various social media- Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.- you won’t have seen that I’ve made recent posts asking for help. It’s been a long time coming, and is the reason I took a semi-blog break the past month.

Due to a lot of personal reasons, I’ve had to set up a GoFundMe to raise money to fund my final year of University. While it’s set at £6000, even just making half will help so immensely. I don’t even have the words to express how much it would help. I’m unable to make rent, and it’s a lot to ask of people, I know, I never set up these platforms to ask for money, but I have no idea what else to do.

I completely understand if anyone is uncomfortable by this, and doesn’t want to share, but even word of mouth would help me so much. University, while difficult, has been an amazing experience, and it would break me to have to drop out so far down the line due to the governments refusal to help fund me as a young, working class student.

Thank you to anyone who helps, I appreciate it more than I could ever say with words.


Hi. I’m a twenty year old English with Creative Student currently entering her third- and final- year of her Undergraduate degree. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances I am currently over £3000 short on making my yearly rent for the studio flat I am moving into in the new academic year, starting in September and lasting all the way through to July of next year. 

My parents are unable to help me during the semester, something many other students experience, and I find it unfair to ask anything more of them when they need to use their money on their own lives. 

My maintenance loan has been short every year and, unfortunately, my appeal for a higher loan has been rejected by Student Finance as final year students receive even less than previous years. Maintenance loans are meant to cover not only rent but cost for food, books, and any other expenses that come with University life. On average I spend £20 a week on food, and per-semester my books can amount to over £100, expected to be more as I enter my final year and start my dissertation. 

Only being given £4000 in my maintenance loan means I can’t cover my rent, let alone any other expenses. Which is why I’m starting this GoFundMe, not to make up all the money I’ll set as my target, but to at least make half of what I need in the coming months so I can begin to pay rent and make the rest of the money up with working part time so I can afford to eat and buy second hand copies of my core texts for my modules. 

I have a 2:1 average since first year, grade wise, and before I received my maintenance loan, hoped to join several small societies at my University to begin branching out and meeting new people to make the experience a bit less lonely in my final year. 

Having little money has made it difficult to join societies, and my mental health has suffered under the strain of money issues, which means I’ve isolated myself and not been able to experience University as fully as I could be. 

Making this money would mean the world to me, and would mean I could fully finance my time in third year without having to rely on my parents or extra bank loans that would put me in more debt than I am already in. 

Any money is amazing, and I’m grateful to anyone and everyone who takes the time to help me!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for giving to my campaign. 






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