2019 | spring tbr wrap up

This is the follow up to a post I made in March, where my roommate Annie picked my TBR for Spring.

Reading these books was an…. experience. Not really a good one, either. A majority of the books on the list that I actually finished were 2 or less stars.

First up, the books I didn’t read/finish.

Beautiful Broken Things is one I’m 100% still going to read! I decided not to pick up Warm Bodies; even though I did start it, I just think I want to leave my first read of it as the only memory I have. I’m not sure if it would be something I enjoy upon a re-read!

I’m not reading Remix. I’ll talk about it later on, but I don’t think Non Pratt is an author I’ll enjoy the older work of, especially considering how low this is rated.

And I’ve started Boy on the Bridge! It’s going to be my next main read once I finish my current books, but I read the first four chapters and really enjoyed it.


Let’s start with the negative!

Ah, good old UKYA. What a disappointment. Trouble and It Only Happens in the Movies are the epitome of why a lot of people are starting to call out how white UKYA is in comparison to USYA. There’s slut-shaming, ‘not like other girls’ vibes even though it’s called it, pointless girl-hate for no reason but to show how bitchy girls are, there’s incest, terrible love interests, absolutely bizarre storylines (the incest and the cheating) that you can predict from a mile away. Jokes about being gay, too! Because that’s just UKYA, everyone. I really hated these.

Luckily, but still unfortunately, Why Photographers Commit Suicide just wasn’t as strong a collection of poetry as expected. There were a few I enjoyed, but generally I just didn’t vibe with it like I hoped to.


They saved my life!

The Silent Companions is a terrifying, atmospheric gothic novel about a woman who goes to her late-husband’s estate. There’s creepy wooden figures, a breakdown of misogyny and hysteria, and a really great main cast made up of mostly women! I just really love this book. It’s got an ending that may not be for all, but I enjoyed it!

Ah, yes, Sweet Blue Flowers. What I think is the first published manga I’ve read with lesbians. It’s all girl drama and cute childhood crushes, wonderful gay girls, and the MOST stunning art. It was the first I read in this series, and I’m glad I did. It’s probably the fluffiest read on this list, if you want something softer.

Lauren James’s The Loneliest Girl in the Universe takes a problematic relationship (@ Trouble) and goes ‘yeah…. it’s messed up’. It goes from sci-fi romance to survival thriller, with one of the most realistic portrayal of anxiety and spiralling thoughts I’ve ever seen.

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