June Wrap Up & July TBR Jar Pick

I turned twenty in June! I hope everyone enjoyed all my twenty list posts, it’s the hardest I’ve ever worked on this blog, and I’m really happy with how those posts turned out.

I ended up going to London for a few days for my birthday. I went to see my friend’s band perform (Rames, check them out y’all, they’ve got a lot of big things planned) and hung out with friends, and I got to meet my best friend for the first time! She lives on the other side of the world and she happened to be in the country, so we met up in central London and went wandering, and it was so so great, literally the best way to celebrate my birthday.

Reading and most other things were on the back burner for most of the month. Since March I’ve been struggling a lot more with my mental illness and general health, so I had to take a break and just have time to myself to assess what it is I’m doing and need to do going forward to begin feeling better about my life.


  • My Hero Academia Volume 17&18 by Kohei Horikoshi– this is the conclusion to the Overhaul arc and it was pretty satisfying! It’s also very sad, which I expected but I cried a lot more than I planned to. I cannot wait for the next volumes to come out so I can hoard them and then binge them in time for season 4!
  • The Bigfoot Files by Lindsay Eagar– A surprising middle grade that follows a young girl who goes with her cryptozoologist mother to the woods to prove, once and for all, that Bigfoot doesn’t exist. It has some elements of anxiety and self-harm, which came out of a left field but I appreciate, and I’ll have a review up in the coming weeks.
  • Falling into Place by Sheryn Munir– This was actually so boring. I wanted to enjoy it so much but it failed. The focus on food was GREAT, and I love their jobs, but it moves way too quick to ever invest in the characters, and I really don’t like the elements of cheating, both kissing outside of a relationship and emotional cheating. I went into this having been told there’s no cheating, but there definitely is, and it just left a bad taste in my mouth.
  • Midnight and Apollo by Steve Orlando– We love gay superheroes! I love that this is all about their love and I’m so glad I finally read a comic about them. However I do recommend reading Orlando’s Midnighter series before picking this one up!
  • No.6 Volume 3&4 by Atsuko Asano– I’m enjoying reading this series. It’s a real throwback for me, the anime is one that got me into anime and finding more content with LGBT+ characters.
  • Shame Is An Ocean I Swim Across by Mary Lambert– This is Lambert’s poetry collection and I absolutely love it. It has a lot of poems on body image which is what got to me the most, but it also has poems on sexual assault, incest and trauma, and mental illness. It’s a very hard hitting collection, and one of my all time favourites now.
  • Trouble by Non Pratt– UKYA is out here and it’s trying to ruin all my fun. I really hated this book, it’s full of typical white feminism and ‘not like other girls’ vibes, and some of the worst treatment of grooming and incest I’ve seen.
  • The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried by Shaun David Hutchinson– THE BEST possible follow up to Trouble. I listened to the audiobook and it was just so great: it examines friendship, jealousy and the breakdown of relationships, as well as self-esteem and acceptance. Great representation too!
  • Coffee Boy by Austin Chant– A re-read of one of my favourite novellas. It follows a trans man who starts to work as an intern on a political campaign and grows closer to his humourless campaign strategist, Seth. Highly highly recommend it!
  • Smooth Criminals #5&6 by Kurt Lustgarten– I am enjoying this series! I love the friendship between the two main characters and the whole heist plot is at a head now, looking forward to the next issues.
  • Faithless #2 by Brian Azzarello– This is such a fucked up series and I’m loving it. It’s got explicit sex scenes, gore, and is just really bizarre. 

And my July TBR Jar pick is…. THE DEVOURING GRAY by Christine Lynn Herman!


  • I binge watched all of Mista GG’s To Catch a Predator videos. Obviously triggering, and his humour may not be for all, but he has great commentary on the episodes and I honestly feel like it’s educating watching this show to begin recognising patterns of abuse.


  • I actually made a music playlist that has all of the songs I’m circling through and delete/add songs as time goes by but here’s some recommendations:
  • Be My Mistake by The 1975
  • goodnight n go by Ariana Grande
  • Do Re Mi by Blackbear
  • Unforgettable by French Montana (i’m so sorry i’m always on my bullshit for this song, i love it)




2 thoughts on “June Wrap Up & July TBR Jar Pick

  1. I’d so love to visit London one day. Maybe when they invent a teleporting machine. I can’t stomach flying in a plane as long as it would take me to get there. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really hope you do visit one day, it’s a great city, and I miss it so much now I’ve moved away from it! I had a great birthday, it was quite lowkey and personal which was the best part


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