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This tag was originally created by Life of a Female Bibliophile, although I couldn’t find the original post. I saw this post done by Fictionally Sam


I’m quite picky with the tags I usually do, but when I saw this tag I knew immediately it was for me. I love how quickfire it is. As someone who is used to talking a lot more than I probably should, especially on this blog, I figured something quicker would force me to actually reign myself in for once!

I won’t tag anyone, but if you decide to do this, or already have, please let me know!

1) What was the last book you read?

I’m being strict and not including manga/comics/graphic novels in this post, so: My Life with Bob by Pamela Paul!

2) Was it a good one?

Kind of? I enjoyed the parts focusing on Paul’s family throughout the years and what reading meant to her, but there was a lot of issues with ignorance towards trauma and other cultures from a white woman’s perspective.

3) What made it good?

The emotion! Pamela Paul isn’t afraid to make herself look ignorant in various parts, too, but there were still some unbearable superiority issues.

4) Would you recommend it to other people?

Yes, I would!

5) How often do you read?

Every day.

6) Do you like to read?

Of course. Sometimes it’s a drag– University reading what’s good– but generally I always try to enjoy what I read, even if I hate it.

7) What was the last bad book you read?

These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling.

8) What made you dislike it?

Got a review, but to break it down: toxic relationships and actions that are never explored properly, kind of bad development of a lot of things but specifically romance, disappointing ending. Plot’s only dragged out so they can make a series.

9) Do you wish to be a writer?

Sometimes. I jump between feeling like I have some talent that could possibly make me a decent writer in the future, and other times I hate everything I come up with because I’m a talentless hack!

10) Has any book ever influenced you greatly?


11) Do you read fan-fiction?


12) Do you write fan-fiction?

Also yes. It’s good writing exercises to work on developing characters and figuring out what forms work for me. Also, if the original source material isn’t great, I make my own canon.

13) What is your favourite book?

Solitaire by Alice Oseman.

14) What is your least favourite book?

So many! I don’t subscribe to the belief of having to give books I dislike/hate at least a 2 stars, because I’ve given books I somewhat enjoyed 2.5 stars before. Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero, The Woman in Black by Susan Hill (worst school read ever), and every Holly Bourne book I’ve ever read.

15) Do you prefer physical books or reading on a device (like Kindle)?

Reading on a device, only my modus operandi is Scribd. I probably consume over £100 of books a month for £10 on that app.

16) When did you learn to read?

According to my mum, three.

17) What is your favourite book you had to read in school?

Of Mice and Men for secondary school, and Angels in America for University.

18) What is your favourite book series?

Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine and The Demonata series by Darren Shan. Mr Shan taught me that you can just straight up kill whoever you want in your writing, even kids.

19) Who is your favourite author?

Alice Oseman!

20) What is your favourite genre?

Sci-fi and horror.

21) Who is your favourite character in a book series?

Oh, man. Probably Eve Rosser from Morganville Vampires and Kernel Fleck from Demonata.

22) Has a book ever transported you somewhere else?

Not recently, but I distinctly remember being traumatised in Slawter (part of the Demonata series). All of that series is very graphic and visceral, but that specific book takes place on a movie set in the desert and it’s so distinct in my head as traumatising and feeling like I was actually there. I’d say it rivals the scene in book one where Grubbs comes home at the start to absolute carnage.

23) Which book do you wish had a sequel?

 A random one, but We Were Liars by E.Lockhart. I just want to know that the main character is okay and in therapy.

24) Which book do you wish DIDN’T have a sequel?

Like I said towards the start of this post, These Witches Don’t Burn really doesn’t need a sequel. 30 pages and the issues in book one that the author made the decision not to wrap up could be. So much needless drama.

25) How long does it take you to read a book?

I couldn’t figure out if this meant day wise or hour wise? But it takes me between 3-6 hours for novels; an hour for normal sized volumes of manga and comics; I listen to all audiobooks on 2x speed so half of whatever the audiobook length is; and day wise I aim to spend about 3-5 days on books. I read multiple books at once.

26) Do you like when books become movies?

Sure! I prefer them as TV shows, though.

27) Which book was ruined by its movie adaptation?

Percy Jackson is a good one. I suddenly can’t remember any adaptations that are bad? I know my own rule isn’t to include comics, but I watched like 5 minutes of the Aquaman film the other day and had to turn it straight over when I saw Willem Dafoe’s floaty hair.

28) Which movie has done a book justice?

I really did love The Hunger GamesThe Lorax, too. My favourite ever adaptation is probably The Haunting of Hill House TV show, and I refuse to feel shame for responding with a show for this question.

29) Do you read newspapers?

Sometimes! Not physically, but I read a lot of major articles online.

30) Do you read magazines?

Yup. I read a lot of Film and Music magazines growing up.

31) Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?

Magazines. There’s a definite sense of elitism and a clear divide in target audiences in UK newspapers specifically, but I feel like there’s less of that in the magazines I read. Magazines are just more accessible, basically.

32) Do you read while in bed?

Yes! I read mostly on my phone right before I go to bed every night, and I have a habit of curling up in bed with a book if I have a stomach ache, which happens a lot more than I’ll admit.

33) Do you read while on the toilet?

Another yes.

34) Do you read while in the car?

I listen to audiobooks, but I don’t read physically. I get really bad motion sickness, when I travel I can only read physically on trains.

35) Do you read while in the bath?

Yes. Sometimes I even read on the phone, I love to test fate.

36) Are you a fast reader?

Another yes!

37) Are you a slow reader?


38) Where is your favourite place to read?

In bed, 100%. And I love to read on the train, too.

39) Is it hard for you to concentrate when you read?

Nope. I’ve grown up in a very loud family, so I’ve adapted to reading around noise, especially in public. My mum used to sit me in a corner when we would go shopping and I would read while her and my sister actually looked at things.

40) Do you need a room to be silent while you read?

Not at all. I actually concentrate better when I’m listening to music.

41) Who gave you your love for reading?

My parents, and the countless early-morning library visits I had at my primary school when my parents had to start work early.

42) What book is next on your list to read?

My TBR is a myth even to myself, but my top priorities are Oliver Twistand History of the Rain by Niall Williams.

43) When did you start to read chapter books?

Probably around 6? Like I said, I went to early morning library visits all the time when I was younger and they let me read literally anything I wanted that was available.

44) Who is your favourite children’s book author? 

Rick Riordan. I also really love A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh stories, I know these are generic authors but I just love their work.

45) Which author would you most want to interview?

Oh god. Alice Oseman, probably, and if we’re going for a dead author, Mary Shelley.

46) Which author do you think you would be friends with?

Absolutely no clue. I don’t want to make assumptions.

47) What book have you reread the most?

I’ve re-read the entire Morganville Vampires series about four times, so I’ll say Midnight Alleyjust because it’s my favourite in the series.

48) Which books do you consider ‘classics’?

Literally anything pre-1980, very general, I know.

49) Which books do you think should be taught in every school?

Am I a coward for saying I won’t answer this question? I think ‘every school’ is very general. Books can be so specific to experience, and I don’t think there’s any narrative that can be… applicable to every situation a person is in. I don’t even feel comfortable answering for UK schools because experiences are so different country-wide. Maybe Perks of Being a Wallflower? Just for what it offered me in school? I don’t know.

50) Which books should be banned from all schools? 

Onision’s books!

And that’s all my answers! I’d love to see how other people respond to these questions, it was actually really fun, especially those that are more difficult to answer later on in the tag.

Thank you for reading!

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