Bookshelf Tour (2019) Part 3: TBR & More Manga/Comics

The third part of my series; you can find part 1 and part 2 linked, and I really hope you enjoy this!

As this is mostly my TBR, I would love to know if there are any books you think I should boost up my TBR or get rid of. I’m always cleansing and getting rid of things, so if any have any glaring issues, I’d love to know as I don’t want to spend time on books that aren’t great.

(credit, again, to my wonderful sister who took all these pictures for me!)





The top of my shelf is the last of my cuddly toys! These are predominantly ones from my childhood, particularly the sleepy toy and the bear in the dress, as well as the two blue toys that actually belonged to my brothers.

I attempted to sort my contemporary TBR into a rainbow, up until the historical YA into witchy, magical realism books at the end of the shelf. The Graces has such a dark cover you literally cannot read it, but it’s there!



I’m actually really fond of this part of my TBR. If you remember from my part 2, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl is a book I’m currently reading, so the dustjacket is being kept safe on this shelf. There’s also a small zine I bought at comic-con a few years ago about working with cats, and a tiger/cat pen my sister bought me that I don’t like to write with but fits with the cat stuff, so I kept it!



All of the books currently sitting on top of my Stephen King TBR are books I’ve borrowed from my dad to read. All of my King books are second hand bar Cujo; there’s also some bigger fantasy that I picked up second-hand, and then my hardbacks. Not pictured is the fact that this shelf is bowed and has been for several years, as this is the eldest shelf I own that I’ve actually had since I was around thirteen.



Ah, yes! My sister hates this shelf because of the fact that I have no issues with piling my bigger manga volumes on top of a smaller one. There’s also my non-fiction TBR, and then Daisy Jones and the Six, which should be with the other hardbacks but I didn’t want to risk having another hardback on that shelf. Hunger Makes Me used to be here until I started reading it, too, so there was the music link that I like to think excused my terrible shelving decisions.



My two favourite manga series live here! There’s the 3-in-1 Fullmetal Alchemist volumes, and then volumes 1-5 of No.6, which I really want the last 4 volumes of to complete my collection. Both are masterpieces. There’s the second half of my owl bookstopper set, a C made up of these felt roses that my brother’s partner bought for me, and a Princess Leia shampoo my parents bought me for Christmas 2017.



The final part of my comics collection is all of my superhero stuff. I actually think I have almost equal amounts from both, but my dad gave me some of his DC stuff and Marvel volumes tend to be slightly smaller, which is annoying. I also keep the Vertigo deluxe editions of Fables here, which are expensive and I basically buy one volume a year due to issues I have with the writing in the series as its gone along, but I still love them.

There’s my Red VS Blue Compendium, which is a book that gives an extra look into characters and scripts, as well as places you see them travel to in the series. A few random X-Files books, and my Art of The Last of Us book that I have wanted for literal YEARS until my friend bought me it off my Amazon wishlist for Christmas! It’s literally so important to me, the game had such an influence on my interest in dystopians and the zombie genre, so I’m grateful to finally own it, which is why it’s the only book on my shelves facing out like this.

That’s the last of my big shelves! Next up is my film and music collection, and then the final two shelves.

Again, let me know if there are any books I should get rid of, I’ll 100% consider it.

Thank you for reading!

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