Bookshelf Tour (2019) Part 4: CDs & DVDs

This is part 4 of my Bookshelf Tour series, and the beginning of my smaller shelves.

While this has less books and more DVDs/CDs, these are a big part of my general collection and the layout of my room, so it would feel wrong not including them.





The upmost shelf has makeup brushes I have yet to use, and some of my cheaper earrings that will get lost of damaged literally anywhere else. There’s also a little Winnie the Pooh quote that might actually be incorrect, but I love Winnie the Pooh and the pastel aesthetic, so it stays!

The start of the actual shelves has the Bible from my Christening and a little birthday girl angel my friend got for me when I turned 15. While I don’t identify under a specific religion, it’s something that means a lot to me, so I keep them safe on my shelves. There’s also my Luna Lovegood wand from when the Warner Bros Studio tour first opened; a little cat box filled with random necklaces; and two EP’s from the band a friend of mine was in.



At the start of this shelf are my TV series collections and a random Miranda Hart comedy DVD; In the Flesh is a great TV show I would highly recommend, but just know, it has a very open ending as it was cancelled after 2 seasons.

There are my DS games that have recently made their way back into my room from my sisters after my dad bought us a working DS charger. There are my CDs, a collection that used to be a lot bigger but various ones have gone missing or been sold on over the years. I actually own all of the Taylor Swift albums up until 1989; I have yet to buy Reputation.

And then… my Supernatural collection! Two books, yes, but I also own that picture frame thanks to my dad, who also (coincidentally) bought me the whole series and the books, too. I gave up after season 8 as that was when I finally caught up with releases and had to watch week by week, and it just went downhill in season 9, in my opinion.



Again, I have a lot more than what’s seen here, but all of those are in my sister’s room.

So it starts with my superhero films (some of them are my dad’s, please don’t judge me for the worse films on the shelf); that leads into sci-fi and more ”acclaimed” films; then there are my teen films and romances, then comedies and the one animated film I own even though animated films are my absolute favourite; and then there’s a few horror! My sister actually has an entire horror shelf, so maybe I’ll be able to do a tour of her shelves one day to show it off.

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