My Favourite Horror YouTubers & Podcasts!

One of my favourite things to do is watch people talk about horror. Books, films, video games– anything horror I love to hear about!

As a general coward, I rarely ever watch horror films or play horror video games myself, so a lot of my general knowledge that I come out with comes from the videos I watch. Actually, since I started watching a lot of the YouTube channels I’ll be recommending, I’ve actually got more into horror as it has helped me narrow down my interests without having to make myself sit through endless jumpscares.

My hope is with this post that you’ll find at least one more thing to listen to or watch, delve more into the horror genre. My aim for the next year is to find more horror blogs to follow, so I can do a post similar to this only dedicated to other blogs and reviewers next year!


Spooky Astronauts

Emma is an Australian movie reviewer who I only discovered in July. She reviews pretty much everything in the cinema by month that you’d associate with being horror, but also looks at and reviews a lot of ‘video nasties’ and delves into that specific subcategory of the genre. As someone who struggles to sit through horror with an emphasis on torture, I really appreciate her videos!

Dead Meat

This channel is basically split into two parts, in my head: the Kill Count videos, where James recounts movie plots and covers all of the kills, and the Dead Meat Podcasts, where James and Chelsea do everything from looking at movies in depth, to quizzes, to Chelsea doing extensive research into specific parts of horror and having discussions about it. Honestly, this is probably my favourite channel I’ll talk about today.

I started watching the channel with James’s Saw kill counts. Fair warning: while he does blur out blood and gore, there’s not much left to the imagination. What I love most about these videos is that it takes films I’d otherwise be scared of and makes it possible to watch because the jumpscares are edited and not played out.

Podcast episode wise, they recently did the Paranormal Pool Party series where they covered all of the Paranormal Activity films, which was really fun. Chelsea does so much great research, and I really loved the Jump Scares episode and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre episode (as well as the kill counts for the whole series too).

Ryan Hollinger

Look. I came for the incredible in depth video essays, and I stayed for Ryan’s voice. I mean, his videos are still amazing and honestly make me want to do more research and produce well thought out content, as it’s something I adore, but his voice just makes it that much easier to watch the videos. As someone who is guilty of watching people play Stardew Valley to fall asleep, it says a lot I’m able to re-watch some of these videos about horror and psychological horror films and still feel calm enough to sleep.

My favourites of his videos: The Tragic Horror of THE WOMAN IN BLACKThe Bleakest Depiction in Sci-Fiand The Childhood Horror of CORALINEI love all of his videos, really, but these three really stuck out to me based on my own interests.


I’m including her later, but I actually started watching Sarah before most of these other channels. Like Emma, Sarah focuses on reviewing films and giving recommendations based on categories, like Best Horror Movies On Hulu and Best PG-13 Rated Horror MoviesSometimes you just want movie reviews instead of longer analytical videos on them, and I appreciate her views on the films she watches!


I’ve actually been watching Katie since around 2013/2014, which makes her the person I’ve watched the longest on the list, and also the only horror booktube channel to make this list! I adore Katie’s videos, and her passion for horror really got me into branching out to read more in the genre. She did take a break for a few months but has recently returned and while her schedule isn’t as tight anymore, I feel like her excitement in her videos is even greater now she’s freer to do what she wants.

Her #YearOfHorror videos are great, and I also enjoyed her Horror Novel Wrap-Up and Horror Movies I’ve Watched Lately videos that she posted recently. I highly recommend her back catalogue of videos over the years.


Teenage Scream

I am very particular about the podcasts I listen to, especially the ‘real life’ ones that aren’t necessarily professionally recorded, and instead are conversations between friends. This is probably my favourite podcast of that variety.

The Teenage Scream podcast is run by authors Kirsty Logan and Heather Parry where they read and discuss the best of 90s teen Point Horror novels. While you can listen to whichever one you feel like, I highly recommend going from the start. These two are hilarious and you can tell how much fun they have with what they read, and I spend most of my time laughing at things they come out with.

This is one for people who are tired of how stuck up people can get about books on Podcasts, and instead want actual fun to be had instead of intellectual breakdowns of every scene of a book. It’s just fun, while they still pick out the issues and problematic elements of books.

The Magnus Archives

What I lovingly call a ‘fictional’ podcast, The Magnus Archives is framed around an archivist reading aloud case files of reports of hauntings and various other supernatural happenings. The narrator has a GREAT voice, and while I’m not too far into this and therefore haven’t reached the overarching plot yet, I really do enjoy these stories and the anthology style. It’s easy listening, basically, even though it can get terrifying.

Welcome to Night Vale/Alice Isn’t Dead

Classics! It would be wrong not to mention WTNV, considering it got me way into podcasts back in 2013. It’s a podcast narrated by Cecil, a radio host in a small town called Night Vale who reports on the strange happenings in the town. There are shadowy organisations and government agencies, librarians are eldritch horrors, interns are dying, the weather is always a song, and everyone ignores how bizarre everything really is in this town. There’s also a relationship that develops between Cecil and Carlos, a Scientist who arrives in episode 1 of the show, and it’s great.

Alice Isn’t Dead follows Keisha, a trucker who is travelling trying to find her wife, Alice, who was assumed dead but has appeared on TV several times in the background of news reports. It’s got the same existential and otherwordly horror of WTNV, but so much commentary and horror is grounded in reality and human ignorance towards suffering and social issues. WTNV is similar, but Alice may be better for those who don’t want to dedicate themselves just yet to the 100+ episodes in WTNV.

And those are my recommendations! I would love more recommendations for horror booktubers and film reviewers, as well as horror podcasts that are genuinely unnerving. I’m so picky about the podcasts I enjoy, which sucks, but I want to branch out more.

Thank you for reading!

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3 thoughts on “My Favourite Horror YouTubers & Podcasts!

  1. Portia - The Owlery Reader

    WTNV was the podcast that got me into podcasts too. It’s so brilliant. I’ve been really neglecting it, but having recently got back into the habit of listening to podcasts I decided I should catch up, then realised I’m a whopping THREE YEARS behind! But I’m really excited to get back into it. Unfortunately I don’t have any other creepy recs for you as I usually listen to comedy podcasts that talk about social issues as well, but if you’re down for that then my faves are Why Won’t You Date Me? and Secret Dinosaur Cult!


    1. Secret Dinosaur Cult has such an amazing name I have no choice but to listen to it now. I’m the same with WTNV! I actually used to listen on time with episodes back in 2013 and 2014 and then it just dropped off my radar once I started the rounds of exams. I’ve recently got back into all podcasts and it was the first I returned to.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Portia - The Owlery Reader

        Secret Dinosaur Cult is a little weird and not for everyone but I love it! Let me know what you think if you do give it a go. And I’m making good progress catching up with WTNV already, I forget how short the episodes are because everything else I listen to is an hour or more.

        Liked by 1 person

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