Bookshelf Tour (2019) Part 6: Horror, Non-Fiction and University

The final part of my bookshelf tour, and this series is at a close! I’ve really enjoyed doing this tour, it’s made me assess what books I have an the way I have my shelves laid out and whether I’m happy with them.



On top of this shelf I have owl garden decorations my nan bought me, but I keep them on my bookshelves when I’m home and then take them to university with me as flat decor! There’s also another Winnie the Pooh quote, that’s actually printed wrong but we’ll give it a pass cause it’s cute: ‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.’ 



My horror shelf is sorely lacking, I have so many books I want to pick up to pad it out but can’t afford for the time being. There’s The Silent Companions, which I love; Let the Right One In, which I didn’t rate but my nan bought it for me, and Horns by Joe Hill, which I really enjoyed.

And then the Stephen King books I read and enjoyed. My sister made me that SS Georgie origami boat, and while the Richie Tozier pop figure is mine- he’s my favourite!- the Carrie and Pennywise figures are hers that she let me use for the purpose of padding out the shelves a bit for these pictures.



I’m a very big fan of celebrity memoirs- and a big Carrie Fisher fan, if you haven’t already guessed- so I have quite a few. I’m slowly padding out my more political non-fiction, too. There’s also my literary fiction: The Immortalists is a recent favourite about four children who find out when they’ll die and live very different lives according to the date. It’s a great family-saga.

Surprising Joy by Valerie Bloom is actually my first signed book, and the first time I ever met an author, I think in 2007/2008 when I was in year 3 or 4. She did loads of events at my primary school and I just remember being so happy when I met her and my parents gave me the money to buy a copy of her book!



So! I have a whole load of poetry collections here, leading into some non-fiction books on rhyming and poetry that have informed my own technique and understand of reading and writing poetry. Finishing off the shelf are my mysteries, Lady of the Shades being one of the oldest books and one of the original Darren Shan books I read that got me into his writing. And then there’s a Vegetarian cook book I use at university! I actually misplaced the other cookbook I mainly use that has cheaper recipes, but when I find it, it’ll go here too.

And those are my shelves! I hope you’ve enjoyed having a look into them. I’ve been building up this collection since I was around eight years old, and I’m really quite proud of it. Sharing it is like sharing a really private part of myself, just because of how much it reflects my own reading development and whatnot. There are also two bags of books not even pictured that my nan gave me but I don’t, currently, have the room for, but as soon as I do have space I’ll show them off!

Thank you for reading!

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