tag | end of the year book tag 2019

This is a fairly popular book tag this time of year, so I figured I would finally give it a go!

Are there any books you started this year that you need to finish?

I’ve already finished Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb, which was top of my TBR. However I’d also really like to finish Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry, and M Train by Patti Smith (which I’ve been reading since 2018, woops).

Do you have an autumnal book to transition into the end of the year?

Nope! My reading is pretty much the same random mess it is all year. I have noticed that I’ve read a lot of memoirs the past month, so maybe that’s helping me transition?

For anyone looking for a transition book, I’d recommend Where Am I Now? by Mara Wilson, which is a transitional memoir (of sorts) where Mara talks about her life from being a child star into leaving movie acting and then into adulthood; and the Check Please webcomic/graphic novels by Ngozi Ukazu, which do take place year round, but the parts that take place during Winter/Christmas are honestly great.

Is there a new release you’re still waiting for?

Another no, unfortunately. Other than Alice Oseman’s new novel coming out in 2020, I’m not waiting for anything. I do regularly buy the My Hero Academia volumes, so if that’s out this month, I suppose I would say that volume.

What are three books you want to read before the end of the year?

Bunny by Mona Awad, which I have already started but I’m only 20 pages into because I read it on the tube a few weeks back; Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, also started, only to be put down 150 pages in because I cried; and Bloom by Kevin Panetta, one of my anticipated releases of 2019 I only purchased in November.

Is there a book you think could still shock you and become your favourite book of the year?

Definitely Bloom. The colour palette, the art, the characters and story, all seem to be right up my alley, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it lives up to the hype I’ve made in my head for it.

Have you already started making reading plans for 2020?

Of course! Obviously the yearly reading goals are in place, but I’m also planning reading things based on blog posts I want to do throughout the year, as well as working on my Shakespeare goal. I basically want to read all of Shakespeare’s plays by the time I’m 25 (I’m currently 20, 21 next year), so I have plenty of time. The plan is to read a play every 2 months next year.

Let me know if you did this tag, I’d love to see your answers! Have you read any of the books I mentioned? No spoilers, but I’d love to know what you think of them!

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3 thoughts on “tag | end of the year book tag 2019

    1. I loved Assassin’s Apprentice! I think it’s very memorable, even though I took massive gaps in my reading of the book I always remembered characters and events when I went back to it. I’m really looking forward to carrying on with her books.


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