Booktubers I Loved in 2019

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For Top Ten Tuesday this week, the prompt was Bookish Discoveries. 

While I didn’t necessarily discover some of these booktubers in 2019, it was definitely a year of rediscovery in general for my love for booktube and the bookish community. There were some booktubers I followed years ago that I’ve started watching again, and it’s just fun to recommend some who might not be as well known!

1. Ariel Bissett

Her Channel

What she talks about: Ariel’s channel has changed a lot since I first started watching her, since maybe… 2012? 2013? And I think that’s the best for a booktube that’s ever changing. She talks about a whole load of things now, but I especially love how exciting she makes book hauls. She lingers on books and doesn’t rush herself and genuinely enjoys making the videos she does, and that comes across in all of her content.

2. Banzaireads

Her Channel

What she talks about: Manga! And she’s amazing! She disappeared for a few months, but the amount of care put into the aesthetic of her videos is incredible. I’ve discovered so much new manga thanks to her videos, manga I never would have read otherwise, and I love what she puts out into the world.

3. BookswithEmilyFox

Her Channel

What she talks about: Science fiction! Tag videos that aren’t generic! Emily Fox is an icon. She has an entire feud with her snow globe self, is hilarious, and has the best and most varied recommendations, especially in terms of science fiction. Watching the videos she puts out is a delight.

4. Drinking By My Shelf

Her Channel

What she talks about: Drinking and books! Emma has an entire series called ‘Balancing the Books’ where she weighs up the books on TBR alongside the books she reads in a month and the books she buys, in an attempt to track her TBR and get it down. It’s such a fun idea, and I love her sense of humour, too.

5. Jasmine’s Reads

Her Channel

What she talks about: Literary fiction! I love literary fiction, and Jasmine’s videos help me find so much more to read and look into. There’s something very soothing about her videos, too, that keeps me coming back to watch when I feel particularly on edge or stressed out.

6. Kate Pfeil

Her Channel

What she talks about: SO MANY THINGS. Urgh, I love Kate. At the moment she mostly talks about her Masters and her cats, and I love that for her. I think she has some of the most bingeable videos, and it’s fascinating listening to her talk about her TBR. She maintains an under 10 TBR at all times, and her monthly wrap ups are intense. 

7. Leena Norms

Her Channel

What she talks about: Political issues! Books! Publishing! I watched Leena’s videos years ago, when I first got into watching booktube and watched predominantly UK booktube, but I think I rediscovered her at the perfect time in my life. Her approach to issues is refreshing because she does it with humour and without annoyance towards people who may not be completely educated on the topic, and takes the time to cover everything she can documenting her own process of discovery and understanding.

8. readwithcindy

Her Channel

What she talks about: Terrible books! Good books! Drama! Mental health! Cindy is great. Absolutely brutal and incredibly funny. Her honesty in opinions means I trust what she puts out, even though she would probably hate my blind trust in her.

9. paperbackdreams

Her Channel

What she talks about: Bad books! Radio Silence! I’ve been watching Kat’s videos since day fucking one, okay, I’ve been through it, but I love her even more after this year. Her video series recommending books with her sister is amazing, and she has a reading taste I’m envious of, even though I honestly have the exact same taste, I just don’t read as many novels throughout the year.

10. SavidgeReads

His Channel

What he talks about: Literary fiction! His mum! Libraries! Simon is good. Like, a top tier booktuber. He’s been in the community for a long time, starting off with blogging, and it shows. He has incredible bookshelves and his vlogs are amazing to watch, as well as the many interviews he does with some interesting writers. Any video with his mum is a MUST WATCH, and I recommend going back to his older videos, because they are just as great as his new content because he’s always stayed very true to his style.

+1. WhittyNovels

Her Channel

What? You thought I’d get through a post and not recommend my favourite booktuber? Whitney disappeared for, like, 4 months this year, but she returned better and badder than ever. She’s the only booktuber my mum has ever enjoyed, and that’s saying something, because my mum hates most of the stuff I watch on YouTube.

Please recommend me some booktubers. I hope you check out at least one person from this list, all of them are my ‘must watch’ booktubers that I watch every time they put out a video, and definitely let me know if you watch any of them, too!

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10 thoughts on “Booktubers I Loved in 2019

  1. Great list! I agree, Simon’s videos with his mum are the absolute best. I love Leena and Ariel’s channels, too, and the others I definitely need to check out. 🙂 I love Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes, her salty reviews give me life, and Mercedes @ Mercy’s Bookish Musings is one of my favourites. I love watching Elizabeth @ Books and Pieces gush about sci-fi, too, and I think Rachel @ Kalanadi is brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVE Mercedes! And Kalanadi and Elizabeth too, I feel like I watch more people talking about sci-fi and fantasy than I do actually reading it, but they give out so many good recommendations!


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