Films I Watched in January!

While I do spend a lot of my free time reading or listening to audiobooks, I’m attempting to watch more films. I have what feels like an endless Watchlist on Letterboxd to get through, and more than enough access to watch these films!

To motivate myself, I’m going to attempt to do wrap ups every month of films that I’ve watched. It might also give you an idea of how I’ll watch literally anything, regardless of genre, so I appreciate any and all recommendations.

I’m such a perfectionist that I would otherwise spend hours writing descriptions of films and accompanying thoughts. However, this isn’t my A-Level film diary, it’s my blog, and therefore I will include varying amounts of discussion depending whether or not I actually want to talk about something!

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003, dir. Peter Jackson)

I went to stay at my nan’s house for two weeks, and my cousin lives there, so we just spent the entirety of the lead up to the new year, and then new years day, watching the extended edition LOTR boxset together. The cut scenes add SO MUCH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, it’s infuriating how much was removed! Also has one of the best moments in cinematic history (GROND! GROND! GROND!)

IT Chapter Two (2019, dir. Andy Muschietti)

This is what happens when you don’t bring one of the best cinematographers in the business back for the sequel to a horror film that wasn’t actually that bad. Chung Chung-hoon would have NEVER let that CGI pass! Whoever approved that CGI was on ket.

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society (2018, dir. Mike Newell)

Solid! Sweet! Worth it for Matthew Goode and seeing a recreation of the original store layout for Foyles!

You’ve Got Mail (1998, dir. Nora Ephron)

Why doesn’t Meg Ryan, the stronger bookseller, simply eat Tom Hanks?

Annihilation (2018, dir. Alex Garland)

Amazing. Tessa Thompson and Oscar Isaac are visually stunning. The creators took VanderMeer’s concept and crafted it into a compelling, beautiful film that stands on its own two feet. It’s almost a homage to the original novel it’s adapting because the paths the characters take diverge so drastically, while still ending up at a similar end goal.

Liberal Arts (2012, dir. Josh Radnor)

Definitely not a film for everyone, considering the age-gap romance, but this film just… spoke to me. It’s now one of my favourites. While I connected with our main man, the real heart-stealer was John Magaro as Dean, a depressed student who has just returned to college after suffering a breakdown the year before. It’s about disillusionment and losing yourself after college, and discovering a way to be happy again.

Before Sunset (2004, dir. Richard Linklater)

Julie Delpy singing A Waltz For A Night. That’s it.

Secretary (2002, dir. Steven Shainberg)

This film is so WEIRD I love it! And it’s not the BDSM part that’s weird, it’s the way Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader both act as their characters. Everything about the way they act should make me uncomfortable with how uncomfortable they play it but in reality I’m just really over the moon every time I watch them interact.

St Trinian’s (2007, dir. Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson)

A childhood favourite. My sister and I rarely agree on films to watch until we saw this on Amazon Prime.

The Bookshop (2017, dir. Isabel Coixet)

This is the most BORING film I’ve ever watched in my life! Genuinely, so so dull. I suppose I will spend the rest of my life waiting for the perfect film that balances both plot, many scenes in a bookshop, and steady name drops of novels that don’t make me want to throw up with how often a dead white male is mentioned.

Louis Theroux: A Place for Paedophiles (2009, dir. Emma Cooper)

Rewatched this with my sister. I spend most of my time thinking about that paedophile who accuses Louis of being attracted to children and Louis just looks absolutely baffled.

Hellraiser (1987, dir. Clive Barker)


–Frank Cotton, 1987

Futurama: Bender’s Big Score (2007, dir. Dwayne Carey-Hill); Futurama: Bender’s Game (2008, dir. Dwayne Carey-Hill)

Bender’s Big Game is one of my favourite films from my childhood! It’s iconic.

‘Is that a hobbit?’

‘No, it’s a hobo and a rabbit. But they’re making a hobbit.’

Soooo I watched 14 films in January! Yay!

Let me know if you like this format of wrap ups, or if you’d like me to do anything different to spice it up a bit? I’m always open to critiques and tips to make these better for other people to read!

Thank you for reading❤

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5 thoughts on “Films I Watched in January!

  1. Portia - The Owlery Reader

    Annihilation is a *chef’s kiss* masterpiece. I also loved that Louis Theroux documentary and remember the moment you’re talking about! I’m listening to his autobiography on Audible right now and it’s pretty good so far.

    Would definitely like to see more posts like this! And I liked that you didn’t give a huge review for each film (my personal favourite is your very valid question regarding You’ve Got Mail).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annihilation could’ve had awful characters and plot and I still would have loved it for how pretty it is, honestly. I’ve been eyeing up Louis’s autobiography, would you recommend it?

      I’m glad to hear that, I’ll definitely do more posts! I just feel like with some films I enjoy them, but there’s not really all that much to say (I’m glad you agree with my question! If I ever meet Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks, I know what I’ll be asking them!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Portia - The Owlery Reader

        Totally agree, though the bear HAUNTS me.

        I’m only a few chapters into Louis’s autobiography but it’s good so far. His narration on the audiobook is enjoyable.

        Looking forward to more movie posts from you!

        Liked by 1 person

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