2019 Wrap Up & 2020 Goals

2019 sure was… a year. And here’s my wrap up, a whole month after 2020 started. Bodes well for blogging this year!

In terms of things that happened in my life, 2019 was pretty crappy. I won’t get into it, but I have a lot more planned this year to lift myself up and feel like I’m using the time I have more carefully doing things I enjoy. Life is too short for me to waste it being miserable, which is why I’m planning on reading and watching a lot more films.

2019 WRAP UP


I read 306 things! Mostly manga, lets be real, but I DID cut down on my single issue reads and picked up a lot more shorter fiction, non-fiction and novellas, which I’m happy about.


I desperately wanted to get more reviews out there this year and, going by my counting, I managed to post over 30 reviews on my blog this year! Over the moon with these numbers, but I’d definitely like to up that to at least 40 in 2020.


As per usual, my blogging and reading dipped completely in November, which seems to be a constant in my time blogging the past three years that I need to work on this year. It’s a very specific month to focus on, especially considering there’s more than half a year to prepare for November. Mayhaps I will prepare all my November posts in advance so at least one thing goes out!


It was a bust! A complete failure! I read three of the seven that I picked out the jar. Honestly, I’m a nightmare. I have noticed so far this year, however, that certain techniques are keeping me on track with my TBR reading. I also implemented the jar to increase my reviews, but I still posted a lot of reviews regardless of the jar, so I’m happy!


I have decided to read all of Shakespeare’s work by the time I’m 25. In 2019 I read 3 Shakespeare plays, which is… disappointing. I genuinely thought I read more!

2020 GOALS


Standard goal for me. Again, about 60% of my reading is manga/comics, so I always reach a higher read number at the end of the year because of that!


If I don’t do this, I will be holding myself accountable and punish myself in one way or another. Probably with immense guilt.


This was originally going to be 5, and then I accidentally read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and 5 Sherlock Holmes collections in the first month and a half of 2020, so… 20 it is!


While I’ll have little reviews on occassion on Goodreads that I bring over for wrap ups, I actually want to post at least 2 full book reviews every month on my blog. It’s important to me to keep up with that, just because I like generating discussions and getting my thoughts out there before they disappear!


Just! Talk more about films! I’d like to get out at least one film post a month, but I won’t hold myself to that. Still, I don’t want to hide away such a big part of my life. It’s just another way of storytelling.


I’m actually starting a new excel spreadsheet where I track my physical and Goodreads TBR to make sure I’m keeping on top of both. I’ll include a screen shot of what both look like here:

Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 10.35.59

For my physical TBR, I’m tracking how many I start the year owning (164) and each month look at how many of the books I read are ones I own and how many I don’t own in order to show myself where I should be changing my reading habits! It’s easy for me to just read things on Scribd and Kindle, but more and more I’m looking for free editions of books I already own to pick up on the go or when I fancy an audiobook so I’m getting my ebook and physical TBRs down!

I’m also tracking how many books I buy each month. By doing this, I can start cutting down the books I buy by my making myself feel bad for not reading what I already own!

There’s also the separate option of ‘nans’. These are books I own that I didn’t buy: they were actually gifted to me by my nan, hence, ‘nans’. None of these are on my Goodreads shelves, so I track them separately to both my GR and physical TBR lists.

Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 10.37.45

This is my Goodreads tracker! I have a lot of different main shelves:

  • Want to read’: my top priority next reads or books I’ve been making my way through gradually, but don’t want on my Currently Reading as I usually have them on hold for months at a time
  • ‘Classics’: houses all my immediate Uni reads and Shakespeare plays
  • ‘Graphic’: all the comics, graphic novels and manga I hope to read
  • ‘Physical’: all of the books on my TBR that I actually own. I don’t list all of the ones I own physically in that list, as some of the books I end up buying aren’t on my TBR when I get them, which is why these lists are useful for me to track what I pick up
  • Unowned’: the largest shelf, where I add all of the books I generally pick up on Scribd or Kindle, or I keep an eye out for when I’m out book shopping, something I’m not doing as frequently now

At the end of each month I tally up how many books are on my GR TBR, so I can see where I do the most reading and begin to either cull shelves, or read more from certain categories to reach my final ‘AIM’ goal. I usually read a lot of my graphic and Unowned shelves, which is annoying, as those are the same ones I add a lot to throughout the month.

And that’s my wrap up and 2020 goals! Do you have any reading or blogging plans? Any in common with me? Is anyone becoming more relaxed with their reading, as opposed to me, who seems to be tracking everything now? I’d love to know!

Thank you for reading❤

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