2020 | music i enjoyed in january & february

At the beginning of every year since 2018, I’ve made a playlist for that year. I add any songs I enjoy so I can look back on previous years to track when I got into things, and also just reflect on the phases I go through with music.

2020 is no different! There’s already been a lot of great music released in the first two months of the year, and I’ve discovered new old songs through films that I’ve watched, or books that I’ve read.

A Waltz For a Night

Julie Delpy (from Before Sunset)

A Waltz For a Night is sung by Julie Delpy in Before Sunset, which is part of one of my favourite film series. It’s a beautiful song outside of the context of the film, but with context, it feels even more poignant whenever I listen to it!


Danny Gonzalez

This is just a really ridiculous parody of a Justin Bieber song and I love it. Danny Gonzalez is hilarious.

Me & You Together Song

 The 1975

Wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a The 1975 song! I knew all the lyrics to this within a week, I’m obsessed, it’s so good. The song and music video have this nighties/early noughties pop punk vibe, from the clothing to the instruments and vocals. Every song this band releases sounds completely different from the last, I’m envious of Matty Healy’s skills as a lead singer and creative.


Hayley Williams

All my 2000’s era pop punk obsessed goths and emos RISE!

I watched Hard Candy with Ellen Page last month, and it has the exact same vibe as this. There’s a rawness to Hayley Williams in this song that is becoming one of my favourite things in music. If you like Halsey, I think you’d enjoy this!

Walking On Broken Glass

Annie Lennox

I listen to this so much my sister is actually concerned about me. It’s arguably my favourite song of the year, and is probably in my top five songs OF ALL TIME. There’s no rhyme or reason for my top songs, there’s just something about this song that hits me. The music video is awesome– Hugh Laurie and John Malkovich feature!– and I just adore it.

The Birthday Party

The 1975

This music video is so weird, but it might be one of the best things ever? Everything about their music and videos is intentional, so regardless of whether or not the memes date this in the long run, you can’t shake that that’s what’s supposed to happen. If the rest of the album is going to follow in terms of quality, it might end up being my favourite of their albums so far.

00:00 (Zero O’Clock)


My new favourite song of the vocal line! It speaks to my anxious heart and my fear of adulthood, really.

Cornelia Street

Taylor Swift

My favourite song off Lover changes constantly, but I really think I might be settling for Cornelia Street now. The lines ‘Back when we were card sharks, playing games/I thought you were leading me on’ HAUNT me!

Outro: Ego

BTS (Hoseok)

I can’t stop thinking about the opening of this music video where Hoseok is in darkness but when he turns to the camera it lights up as he smiles and everything about him is hope. The rap line are essentially the Powerpuff girls: Namjoon is Blossom, Yoongi is Buttercup, and Hoseok is Bubbles, and this song especially shows how Hoseok is Bubbles.



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