My New Favourite Reading Podcast!

When February started, I found myself in a rut. I’d binge-listened to over 30 hours of the Collected Sherlock Holmes Stories on Audible in January, and was tired out from audiobooks.

However, I still desperately wanted to listen to things. I found that listening to things helped break up my days that I was spending mostly indoors. It was preventing me from going stir-crazy, which is apt for this point in time with self-isolation especially.

So I went through the many Podcasts I follow on Spotify, with the intention of ‘getting to them eventually’, and came across Reading Glasses.

You should have seen my surprise when I did some research into the podcast and discovered that it’s hosted by that Mallory O’Meara, who wrote ‘Lady From the Black Lagoon‘, and that Brea Grant, who is mentioned in so many people’s videos as being one of the best in Indie horror.

What first drew me in to Reading Glasses is that the podcast has structure. They start with their chatty catch ups on what they are reading, address a topic, and, if they have a guest, interview them in the latter half of the podcast. It’s structured without feeling suffocating, which I feel a lot of more informational podcasts can feel like, especially in the early stages.

There’s also such a mixture of things being talked about. All the recommendations that end up cropping up are part of the theme of the episode. They tackle the Big reading dilemmas and offer advice on how to handle everything, from the moral dilemma of enjoying books by bad people, to getting out of reading slumps. Their interviews with guests are also great, and you get to hear as much about their own work and passions as you do their reading interests.

But what really makes you stick around is the hosts. Brea and Mallory are genuinely hilarious, and each episode feels like a catch up. They make every episode fun to listen to, even if the things they’re talking about aren’t necessarily in your wheelhouse.

Ah– the wheelhouse! Reading Glasses has introduced so many new concepts to me, and, above all, the wheelhouse is my favourite.

Essentially, it’s the very specific genre traits, settings, character traits, plots etc. in books that you enjoy that helps you narrow down what you’ll enjoy in this constant stream of new content being released. Listening to the wheelhouse part of the Podcast is probably my favourite part, and in honour of my love for the show, I figured I would do my own wheelhouse, to give everyone a taste of my (sometimes niche) interests!

And why stop at books? I figured I would do my FILM WHEELHOUSE, and MUSIC WHEELHOUSE, too!


  • Short, snappy dialogue in the place of setting descriptions
  • Women in creepy old houses slowly losing it
  • Body horror as a metaphor for periods and puberty
  • Close examinations of sibling relationships, particularly sisters
  • Cynical teenagers with depression who still have a sense of humour
  • Ambivalent AI who only like one human being and hate everyone else
  • Classes of kids who fight against evil together (the BEST found family trope)
  • Folk horror/Southern gothic
  • Groups of kids going around causing mischief and defeating an evil that is either a literal or metaphorical embodiment of real life horrors


  • Folk horror/Southern gothic
  • Chaotic kids who abide by their own set of rules (think Sam in Trick R Treat)
  • Anthropomorphic animals, specifically cats
  •  The ‘cynical cop/cheerful cop’ dynamic– Scully and Mulder, Joan Watson and Sherlock, Bones and Booth
  • Found families in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse
  • Uncovering a family mystery preferably in a fucky, haunted setting (my best friend submitted this one, my tastes are so specific)
  • Sceptic/Believer
  • Slow, character focused narratives with a lot of emphasis on two characters walking around and talking
  • Scary Animated Films


  • Edgy noughties pop punk that probably played on Kerrang! every day between 2005-2010
  • Depressing lyrics disguised as upbeat songs
  • Songs about partying that I can in no way relate to
  • LOUD banjos
  • ‘Zoomer’ songs
  • Sinister vocals

That’s my wheelhouse! What’s your wheelhouse? I’d love to know if we have anything in common!

Now, you could go in to Reading Glasses and listen from the first episode. Or, you could be like me, and go through and download a bunch of random episodes and listen to them completely out of order. Sometimes I’ll be listening to an episode and they’ll reference something that’s already happened in my chronology, it’s like a very unexpected experience of podcast time-travel.

I really love Episode 71 and Episode 122, which they did with author Madeleine Roux, and any episode they’ve done with a predominantly horror-writing author I’ve probably listened to. The two most recent episodes as I write this– 144 and 145— are recommending some reads for self-isolating and some apocalyptic books, and I very much enjoyed adding another 50 titles to my google drive document!

What better time to start a new podcast than the present, when so many of us are in self-isolation, and need some book luvin’ care?

Thank you for reading❤


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