‘i’m back’ (they were, in fact, not back)

so. hello.

before i even start: my laptop keyboard is still very much broken, which means everything is going to be in lapslock. i’m very sorry for that!

in my weekend reading #4 post several months back, i declared, quite proudly, that i was back.

i was back, for about a week, and then that covid burnout kicked in, and i spent 4 months reading instead of doing any form of blogging.

you can imagine how chaotic my email is from where i’ve been neglecting blogs, and my netgalley shelf is not pretty.

the reason i’ve decided to come back now is that burnout is now over. i’ve cancelled it. i’m back to note-taking and arc reading and enjoying the process of actually talking about and recommending books, and, honestly, i’ve missed blogging.

i won’t be blogging quite as much, though. i’m going to be focusing more on reviews and recommendations, with two ‘big’ posts a month. i won’t put pressure on myself to constantly be doing big things until i feel fully ready, but i’ve really missed this, so i want to put something out there, even if it is smaller.

i realised that part of my burnout was due to engagement. i was beating myself up over the fact that i wasn’t receiving much engagement, and it was this mindset that was clouding any enjoyment i got out of blogging.

taking some time has helped me focus on what really matters to me. even though engagement is part of the reason i put myself out there, i know that my content is just as much of an outlet for me in a life where i don’t have many people who will listen to me talk about books, and that i should focus on myself as much as the people i might reach with these posts.

so that’s me. i am, hopefully, back to something fun, consistent, and i can come at this blog with more passion than ever before. i’m still familiarising myself with the changes to wordpress since i’ve been gone, so i hope you will all bare with me.


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