Basic Information


First and foremost: I am based in the UK – England specifically.

My reviews are linked to on Goodreads, Twitter, and posted on my blog, but if you want to request I post on another platform [Amazon, for instance], I may be willing to negotiate.

I disclose in all my reviews whether or not I have received it from the publisher or author. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

Contact email: conniedawnb[@]hotmail[.]com

Types of books accepted

I find physical copies easier to read and are preferred; however, I will accept pdf files.

Published and self-published are both accepted, but I cannot promise I will reply to every email, nor accept every request sent my way!

I also will not accept books that are not the first book in a series if I haven’t already read that first book.

My preferred genres:

  • Horror (The Elementals by Michael McDowell; The Return by Rachel Harrison; Mariana Enriquez)
  • Sci-fi (Becky Chambers, Tamsyn Muir)
  • Surreal Japanese fiction (Sayaka Murata, Hiromi Kawakami)
  • Music memoir/fiction (Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon; Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein)

I mostly read – and will be more likely to accept- adult fiction, but I will consider Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction, depending on the synopsis and genre. If your request is for something outside of these, but you believe may still interest me based on other blog content, feel free to contact me.

I also read poetry collections and graphic novels/comics/manga in any genre.