Comic Book Review│All-New, All-Different Avengers Volume 1


All-New, All-Different Avengers Volume 1: The Magnificent Seven 

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Adam Kubert, with Mahmud Asrar

Marvel Comics; 168 pages


Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Goodreads; Wordery

‘The Avengers are dead- long live The Avengers!’ is the weirdly catchy phrase on the back of this, and honestly, I couldn’t be more happy that the original Avengers are dead. Which sounds bad, I know- but this new team is made of a new, diverse cast of heroes, and is a nice breakaway from the original Avengers, and the ones currently in the films.

To clarify, this Avengers team is made up of Tony Stark/Iron Man and Vision (OG members, really); Thor (‘female Thor’, who’s really just ‘Thor’) and Sam Wilson/Captain America; and Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel, Miles Morales/Spider-Man, and Sam Alexander/Nova.

The plot is very much something that suits the Avengers. They defeat two great baddies in the space of six issues, with loads of angst and team bonding interspersed, especially between Nova/Ms Marvel and Thor/Cap. I like that the team gets together relatively quickly, but not too quickly- they have to judge the younger members are fit for the team first, which I respect, because honestly, isn’t Sam still only about 15? It’s still taking some getting used to that they let people so young join world-saving, potentially life-ending teams.

As always, Mark Waid’s writing is superb. I’m loving his Archie run for reasons similar to why I love this- Waid is just really good at giving life and soul to characters and creating dialogue that’s just fun to read. I feel like this was reflected most with the younger members of the team, and it just made them all the more endearing to me. I love the banter between Nova and Ms Marvel, and I can’t wait to see them two and Miles interact more in Volume 2. Honestly, those three were probably my favourite part of the volume, although I don’t think there was enough Miles. 

To top it all off, I really liked the art. It really sticks to the style that I’ve begun to associate with Marvel’s series’ that follow the Avengers, and core Avengers members, although it’s difficult for me to explain why, or what this style really is. There’s just a flair to the art that is the same in most of those stories, and I just think it suited the story so well!

Now onto a few general comments, first of which being Vision. I found that Vision was the weak link in team, not really bringing anything to their development in a personal way, other than being creepy. His place in the team only really became important in the last 2 issues, really, so I’m hoping there’s more development to his character and his relationship with the team in the next volume. 

I also really liked that this Avengers team is being formed from the ground up. Tony doesn’t have the money to fund them anymore, like he did back in the day/in the movies, and seeing them fight when it’s just the team and not additional support was kinda awesome. It’s just something I’m not used to seeing, and reminded me a bit of the Runaways and Young Avengers- they had barely any financial support (the Runaways definitely didn’t!) and still managed to make a difference, even if it was on a smaller scale. And even though they have the Avengers name behind them, they are still a fresh crew, and that’s clear in the way they interact in and out of fights. I love it!

To be quite honest, this first volume is absolutely brilliant. Other than my comments on Vision’s development, I adored it, and am now going to read the solo stories for each of these characters (except Tony, because I prefer him as part of a team and I feel like it’s near impossible to start Tony’s arc anywhere except for the beginning). I’m particularly interest in Sam Wilson’s run as Cap- there’s clear racism displayed by members of the public directed at him in this, and I know that this is explored more in his own solo series, so I’m really excited to pick that up!

I would whole-heartedly recommend this, and if anyone wants to talk about this, please, hit me up! Also, recommendations are always welcome, especially when it comes to comics (I think my TBR is 60% comic books now)!

(This was written in July 2016) 

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