book haul #2 | my mum’s taking my bank card

said in march i would stop buying so many books. bought 75 physical books, more ebooks, and asked for more netgalley arcs than i can possibly hope to get through since. no comment.

physical books

the melancholy death of oyster boy by tim burton

🍎queenie by candice carty-williams

🍎a good girl’s guide to murder/good girl, bad blood by holly jackson

🍎two can keep a secret by karen m. mcmanus

🍎where the crawdads sing by delia owens

🍎melancholy death of oyster boy & other stories by tim burton

🍎the new singapore horror by s.j. huang

check, please! #2: sticks & scones by ngozi ukazu

🍎the turn of the key by ruth ware

🍎deck of omens by christine lynn herman

🍎check, please! #2: sticks and scones by ngozi ukazu

🍎shiver by junji ito

🍎a head full of ghosts/the cabin at the end of the world/disappearance at devil’s rock/survivor song/growing things by paul tremblay (all signed!)

🍎candy color paradox volume 1 & volume 2 by isaku natsume

komi can’t communicate by tomohito oda

🍎komi can’t communicate volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 by tomohito oda

🍎beastars volume 1 by paru itagaki

🍎the way of the househusband volume 1 by kousuke oono

🍎something is killing the children volume 1 by james tynion iv

🍎wonderland by juno dawson

🍎devolution by max brooks

something is killing the children by james tynion iv

🍎revolting prostitutes: the fight for sex workers’ rights by juno mac and molly smith

🍎feminism for the 99%: a manifesto by cinzia arruzza, tithi bhattacharya, nancy fraser

🍎scum manifesto by valerie solanas

🍎mexican gothic by silvia moreno-garcia

🍎skull-face bookseller honda-san volume 1 by honda

🍎notes of a crocodile by qiu miaojin

strange weather in tokyo by hiromi kawakami

🍎kim jiyoung, born 1982 by cho nam-joo

🍎homie by danez smith

🍎one hundred shadows by hwang jungeun

🍎strange weather in tokyo/the nakano thrift shop by hiromi kawakami

🍎i never promised you a rose garden by joanne greenberg

🍎final draft by riley redgate

🍎never enough: the neuroscience and experience of addiction by judith grisel

🍎paperweight by meg haston

🍎a cosmology of monsters by shaun hamill

🍎let’s call it a doomsday by katie henry

get in trouble by kelly link

🍎hangsaman/the missing girl by shirley jackson

🍎the million pieces of neena gill by emma smith-barton

🍎a heart in a body in the world by deb caletti

🍎get in trouble by kelly link

🍎that was when people started to worry by nancy tucker

🍎my hero academia vigilantes volume 7 by hideyuki furuhashi, betten court

when the truth unravels by ruthanne snow

🍎when the truth unravels by ruthanne snow

🍎every last word by tamara ireland stone

🍎the disturbed girl’s dictionary by nonieqa ramos

🍎what i lost by alexandra ballard

🍎no one cares about crazy people by ron powers

🍎persepolis i&ii by marjane satrapi

🍎how long ’til black future month? by n.k. jemisin

🍎the travelling cat chronicles by hiro arikawa

loveless by alice oseman

🍎sing, unburied, sing by jesmyn ward

🍎sheets by brenna thummler

🍎loveless/nick & charlie by alice oseman

🍎i am not your baby mother by candice brathwaite

🍎beren and lúthien by j.r.r. tolkien

🍎the shadow of the batgirl by sarah kuhn

🍎convenience store woman by sayaka murata

girl, interrupted by susanna kaysen

🍎they can’t kill us all: ferguson, baltimore, and a new era in america’s racial justice movement by wesley lowery

🍎girl in a band by kim gordon

🍎the last children of tokyo by yoko tawada

🍎girl, interrupted by susanna kaysen

🍎saltwater by jessica andrews

🍎my hero academia volume 24 by kohei horikoshi

🍎how do we relationship? volume 1 by tamifull

🍎eat, and love yourself by sweeney boo


dig by a.s. king

🍎the dreamers by karen thompson walker

🍎eight perfect murders by peter swanson

🍎dig by a.s. king

🍎the deep by alma katsu

🍎royal assassin by robin hobb

🍎not that bad/bad feminist by roxane gay

🍎how to be an antiracist by ibram x kendi

🍎binti/home/the night masquerade by nnedi okorafor

🍎spook lights: southern gothic horror by eden royce

🍎barmy british empire by terry deary

🍎f**k fast fashion bythe f team

hamnet by maggie o’farrell

🍎superior: the return of race science by angela saini

🍎the end of policing by alex s vitale

🍎hamnet by maggie o’farrell

🍎common people: an anthology of working class writers ed. by kit de waal

🍎botanical folk tales: of britain and ireland by lisa schneidau

🍎no exit by taylor adams

🍎policing the planet: why the policing crisis led to black lives matter by jordan t camp

🍎antisemitism and the labour party by jamie stern-weiner

eat me by bill schutt

🍎playing the whore: the work of sex work by melissa gira grant

🍎black iris by elliot wake

🍎eat me: a natural and unnatural history of cannibalism by bill schutt

🍎eat thy neighbour: a history of cannibalism by daniel diehl and mark p. donnelly

🍎postcards from the edge by carrie fisher

🍎such small hands by andrés barba

🍎the ghost bride by yangsze choo

🍎with the fire on high by elizabeth acevedo

good norning, destroyer of men’s souls by nina renata aron

🍎good morning, destroyer of men’s souls by nina renata aron

🍎you let me in by camilla bruce

🍎rise by mira grant

🍎the return by rachel harrison

🍎the vanishing stair/the hand on the wall by maureen johnson

🍎uprooted by naomi novik

🍎get a life, chloe brown by talia hibbert

🍎beach read by emily henry

🍎silver in the wood by emily tesh

🍎prosper’s demon by c.j. parker

🍎tony hogan bought me an ice cream float before he stole my ma by kerry hudson

murderous contagion by mary dobson

🍎boy, snow, bird by helen oyeyemi

🍎happy fat: taking up space in a world that wants to shrink you by sofie hagen

🍎black, listed by jeffrey boakye

🍎murderous contagion: a human history of disease by mary dobson

🍎flowers for algernon by daniel keyes

🍎the hidden life of trees by peter wohlleben

🍎the color purple by alice walker

🍎long way down by jason reynolds

🍎the master’s tolls will never dismantle the master’s house by audre lorde

we have always lived in the castle by shirley jackson

🍎we have always lived in the castle by shirley jackson

🍎monsters by emerald fennell

🍎the road to jonestown: jim jones and peoples temple by jeff guinn

🍎pet by akwaeke emezi

🍎to be taught if fortunate by becky chambers

🍎the radium girls by kate moore

🍎a poem for every feeling ed. by ella risbridger

🍎dreams from the witch house ed. by joyce carol oates

🍎monday’s not coming by tiffany d. jackson


dear reader by cathy rentzenbrink

🍎cheater code by s.a. foxe

🍎kites by simon mole

🍎an abc of equality by chana ginelle ewing

🍎odessa by jonathan hill

🍎murder and the movies by david thomson

🍎dear reader by cathy rentzenbrink

🍎there’s no such thing as an easy job by kikuko tsumura

earthlings by sayaka murata

🍎you are invited by sarah a. denzil

🍎hitting a straight lick with a crooked stick by zora neale hurston

🍎earthlings by sayaka murata

🍎autumn by ali smith

🍎the only good indians (audiobook) by stephen graham jones

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