Film Friday is a monthly series on my blog where I write about and recommend films.

It’s June! And June means it’s my birthday, which means I have full control over the bullshit I do in celebration of ageing another agonising year. This time I’m turning twenty- no longer a baby!

For my Film Friday, I’ve decided to do a list of 20 Films That Made Me. It won’t be extra long, but I’ll include literal screenshots from some of the films just for funsies and to spice things up a bit! These are verified as being films that I either grew up watching, or ones that changed my life later on.

1) The Goonies dir. Richard Donner, 1985


2) Edge of Seventeen dir. Kelly Fremon Craig, 2016 (one of the big reasons I love this is because of my crush on Hailee Steinfeld)

edge of seventeen

3) Pride and Prejudice dir. Joe Wright, 2005

4) Coraline dir. Henry Selick, 2009 (as a Wybie lover, it really shocks me how many people got heated that a mixed-race boy helps the main female protagonist defeat a big evil. I will protect these two until I die!)


5) Beautiful Thing dir. Hettie MacDonald, 1996 (this is my favourite gay film!)

6) Fantastic Mr Fox dir. Wes Anderson, 2009 (I love this film so much, the main character in my WIP is named after Ash)

fantastic mr fox

7) The Perks of Being a Wallflower dir. Stephen Chbosky, 2012

8) Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban dir. Alfonso Cuarón, 2004

9) The Lost Boys dir. Joel Schumacher, 1987 (most of my childhood was spent with a crush on Sam and the Frog brothers)

the lost boys

10) Stardust dir. Matthew Vaughn, 2007

11) Little Miss Sunshine dir. Valerie Faris, Jonathan Dayton, 2006

little miss sunshine

12) Stand By Me dir. Rob Reiner, 1987 (I acknowledge that three films on this list have been eighties films with Corey Feldman in a main role, which leads me to the fact that I ALSO had a crush on him when I was little!)

13) The Breakfast Club dir. John Hughes, 1985

14) Practical Magic dir. Griffin Dunne, 1998 (I adore the way this film explores the relationship between sisters, the two really remind me of me and my younger sister)

practical magic

15) Monsters Inc. dir. Pete Docter, 2002 (that final shot of Sully smiling always makes me cry)

16) IT dir. Andy Muschietti, 2017

17) Lord of the Rings dir. Peter Jackson, 2001


18) Zombieland dir. Ruben Fleischer, 2009 (the sister relationship! Looking back, I could do without the romance between Emma and Jesse, but the sister bond and Woody Harrelson make up for it)


19) Spiderwick Chronicles dir. Mark Waters, 2008 (this is a picture of me trying to get everyone to read the books this film is based on; controversial, but this film has a bigger place in my heart than the books, although I do enjoy both)


20) Dirty Dancing dir. Emile Ardolino, 1987 (arguably the most feminist of most romance films that have ever been considered popular)

And that’s my list! A lot of these chop and change, but most have been favourites for years, and really stuck with me as touching me at the time I watched them initially. This makes me want to do a whole post on TV shows that made me, now, just to see what I would come up with.

What films are your favourites? Any similar to my choices?

Thank you for reading! 


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