Ten Books That Gave Me A (book) Hangover

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For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, the prompt is ten books that gave you a book hangover. 

I always seem like I’m jumping between books too quickly to feel hung up on what I’ve read, but the only way I can cope with an overload of feelings is by moving on quickly. These are ten of the books that left me absolutely reeling after I finished them!



by Alice Oseman

This is my favourite book of all time, and luckily, my book hangover was answered with the prequel series, Heartstopper! I can’t say with many of the others that I managed to have my woes soothed, however.

book 3



by K.S. Merbeth

This ends on such high emotions. It’s an intense, wild ride of a book, and I didn’t see one of the big twists coming that ended up breaking my heart. I didn’t know what to do with myself after finishing this one!



The Immortalists 

by Chloe Benjamin

This book is just… so sad. It’s very hit or miss for a lot of people, but I was very moved by the end, and I feel like each individual sibling gives you a book hangover every time you finish this section.



The Haunting of Hill House

by Shirley Jackson

This! Book! Is incredible! It did not end where I thought it would, and it’s so unsatisfying it is satisfying. I remember being open mouthed at the end of this, I couldn’t believe the direction it took, but it was fitting for the character arc Nelly has throughout that I was surprised I was left so hung up on it.



A Head Full of Ghosts

by Paul Tremblay

Oooo this book is so shocking. Definite book hangover.






by Clay McLeod Chapman

If y’all ever want to feel completely hopeless and cry but in a good way, read this comic! It’s got very graphic body horror as it’s about a flesh-eating disease spreading throughout a College dorm, and it is very very good and very very pessimistic.




Neverworld Wake

by Marisha Pessl

The plot twist is what threw this for me. It almost undoes everything you’ve thought about characters throughout the book and makes you reevaluate what you have read, while still kind of enjoying the end.



This Is Not A Test

by Courtney Summers

It’s disheartening from start to finish with this book, even though the end makes sense, and I had a definite book hangover with it. Still enjoyed it though!




The Silent Companions

by Laura Purcell

I’m so sad I have nobody to talk to about this book, I don’t think my book hangover would have been as bad as it was if I had someone to talk it through with. Truly an outstanding gothic horror, one of the best written in this century so far!




I Am I Am I Am

by Maggie O’Farrell

This brought on specifically a non-fiction hangover. Maggie O’Farrell weaves a portrait of her life that is unlike any other non-fiction I’ve read, because she discusses traumatic experiences in such a frank way without making it feel unrealistic. ‘Disasters’ can be looked at from the outside and seem unreal, but O’Farrell actually captures how it feels to be inside the disaster.

What books gave you a book hangover? I’d love to know!

Thank you for reading ❤

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7 thoughts on “Ten Books That Gave Me A (book) Hangover

    1. If you like Hill House, I would definitely push The Silent Companions in your direction! It’s very feminist and focuses a lot on the villainisation of women’s mental health during that era 😀


    1. I have seen the TV show, and I love it! I confess I read the book after I watched the show, but I feel like the changes they made in the show honoured the book while still making it it’s own thing. I’m a big fan of gothic horrors focusing on women, so I enjoy that part of the book just that bit more than the show!


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