top ten tuesday | book covers i love

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It is again the week of love (or watching love films, or reading love books, if you are lonely like me), and this week’s prompt for Top Ten Tuesday is a Love Freebie.

I could have gone for anything, but I really want to look at some pretty things. This is in the wake of some uhhhh…. bad book cover choices I’ve only just been made aware of since being on hiatus from book Twitter since September of last year.

1. Station Eleven 

by Emily St. John Mandel


The pink of the title against the black-and-white background is *chef’s kiss*. This cover is very much hated on by people, but the serenity of it in what’s clearly meant to represent the downfall of the society we are familiar with after the apocalypse is STUNNING.

2. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet 

by Becky Chambers


3. The Gloaming 

by Kirsty Logan


4. A Natural History of Dragons 

by Marie Brennan

comc 1

I just love how this cover has an illustration of a dragon that you might find in an anatomy textbook. It represents what you find inside so well.

5. Beneath the Sugar Sky 

by Seanan McGuire

astronomy 3

6. The Graces 

by Laure Eve


7. On A Sunbeam 

by Tillie Walden


8. A Study in Charlotte 

by Brittany Cavallaro


Each of the books in this series has a specific colour scheme with the small illustrations of characters on the front, and they just look amazing.

9. Catboy 

by Benji Nate


I LOOOOOVE this art style! No shadow, just solid colouring, and it just stands out so much in my mind. It’s why I love Teen Dog so much.

10. The Undrowned Child

 by Michelle Lovric


DO BETTER WITH YOUR COVERS, PLEASE. And remember: open yourself up to being educated on these issues and don’t speak over people actually from marginalised groups criticising the way things are being handled by these big companies!

Thank you for reading❤

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